After her breath-taking performance at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Sara Barta will be performing the same, scintillating set, live, in London on 7th September, in collaboration with Nordoff Robbins, the UK’s leading music therapy charity.

Sara’s relentless pursuit of her dream has seen her overcome immense personal and career challenges, and she wants to help others change their lives through music, as she herself has done.

A Londoner through and through, Sara is thrilled to be able to perform to her home crowd before flying back to Boston the next day.

The event will be held at Under the Bridge in Fulham on 7th September from 7pm-10pm in collaboration with Nordoff Robbins, and £2 from the sale of every ticket will go directly to the charity.

The main aim is to fundraise and, with a 550 person capacity, this is Sara’s largest UK performance to date, and will help the charity’s many isolated and vulnerable service users.

Nordoff Robbins is an independent music therapy charity operating throughout the UK, using music to help create emotional wellbeing among vulnerable and isolated people.

“It’s so important to acknowledge and address those emotionally challenging experiences that most people will go through at some point in their lives in a healthy way,” commented Sara. “For me, music has always been my safe place; somewhere where I can express myself in an honest way. I can’t wait to share my music on 7th September before returning to Boston.”

Sara’s debut single ‘Dance for your Life’ was released on the 3rd of August on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. Tickets to her gig are on sale now and can be bought at: