From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a singer. As a little girl, I used to ‘perform’ in front of the mirror with a hairbrush – and I was always singing! At the age of six, I started to play the piano, and by seven I was completely obsessed with making music.

When I was fifteen, I learnt to play the guitar, and it was then that I started songwriting. At times in my life, I have struggled with self-esteem issues. Writing my feelings down and turning them into songs can be a great healing process. Singing has always been my ‘safe place’, as it is where I feel I can truly express my feelings, and make sense of them.

At 18, I moved to America, to complete a degree in Songwriting at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. It was a scary move: even though I was pursuing my dream, I was nervous about leaving home and moving so far away.

Since then however, my life has changed dramatically.  I have just released my debut single, Dance For Your Life on YouTube, which is an upbeat, dance track – quite different to some of the more soulful tunes which I’m now recording for my album – and I’ve just had a music video released to accompany it.

Filming the music video was an incredible experience, and unlike anything I’d done before. The video features me as a child – the actor was just adorable, and such a professional – and then shows me as a 19 year old dancing away the problems of my childhood!  I hadn’t appreciated just how much work goes into making a three minute music video.

The shoot took a full day – not to mention the post-production work done by the very talented producer, Bruno Downey, afterwards. It was so worth it though; the first time I saw the video on YouTube I was so excited I screamed!

In August I will be performing at the famous Sziget festival in Hungary, where more than 500,000 visitors are expected to attend.  Headline acts include Dua Lipa and Stormzy – when I think about it, I can hardly believe it is happening.

It has been an incredible journey.  Some days, when I am going to a radio station to do an interview, or heading to the studio to turn my inner most thoughts into a new track, I feel like the luckiest girl alive!  In part, I have my family to thank for getting me here – they listened when I told them that this was all I could imagine myself doing, and more importantly, they believed in me.  Most of all though, it comes down to believing in yourself.

Never give up. When something feels right, it usually is.